Words Of Power

The Conquering Lion transcends all of space and time and even… Language. Did you think the Creator didn’t know what he was doing since before it all came to be? He knows precisely what needs to be done and said and he makes it so! All by himself. Every word of the Bible was written and spoken to be for a very specific purpose. God’s word stands the test of time and every word will be fulfilled. Honestly, he’s just that good. Think about it.

Here I Go Again


I felt this thought was necessary once again as time has repeated itself. Life is good.

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I can only do so much. I’ve apologized and sought forgiveness. I’ve tried to speak with you many times. I am going to move on now. I don’t hate you, I really don’t. Things between us just got odd. Now we have to go our separate ways and maybe someday come back together.

I’ve become much happier today. I sat down with my mentor and had a small meal. We discussed many things. I am very excited for the future right now. There is so much I can do, so much I can teach, so much I can learn. My life is lovely. I look forward to whoever falls into my life next:

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