Simple: Meaningful:

I really do love my family, no matter what I say or how I act when they are around. They’re my family. I believe that it is just human nature to get weird when your family is around and not want to be around them. Think about it…

Though one ought never to underestimate the power of words, simpletons typically run for the sword in a battle of wits. It is so much easier to give up than for one to really sit down and think, just think, about the situation and how one can be of help in its resolution.

“Never got involved in a battle of wits with a Sicilian.”


Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I wrote “battle of wits” and the Princess Bride started playing in my head. It is a wonderful movie. My uncle always told me since I was young that it is the best movie ever made, although my dad argues that Top Gun is the best movie ever made. All the while Ricky Bobby says that Highlander is “only the best movie ever made.”


I was never good at picking favorites. I can’t pick out a favorite movie. I don’t know what my favorite song, band, or genre is. (Although with music I have a vast knowledge and a few favorites but I cannot pick a single favorite. It changes every day.) I don’t have a favorite car. I don’t have a favorite instrument. (I play the guitar, but I have not played any other musical devices so I do not know if guitar is truly my all time favorite.) I don’t even have a favorite person. Well, there’s Jesus, but he’s always been my favorite. ; What I mean to say is, I don’t have a favorite person here on Earth. I have many favorites actually. Alfredo, Banana Overlord, Corn Child, Emily Windsnap, Excited Sean, Maverick, Mumz, Narwhal, Odd One, Pinky, Princess Lightning, Silly Rabbit, Tall Tale, Time Girl… It is an extensive list indeed. I find inspiration in many things. My credo is to find something to live for every single day, no matter how simple or pathetic. ;Most of the time it turns out to be something overly meaningful yet, subsequently, small and worthless to others. When I say “something to live for” I look at it more as:


“Why should I have gotten up today? What was my reason for continuing existence on this beautiful planet for another day? What made today significant?”


One day I lived for a purple and blue sunset that I viewed driving home. One day I lived for the adventure of naming my magnificent means of transportation. (I named her after a fantastic city in Europe; Also a song by the amazing Adam Young.) One day I lived for getting new funky shoelaces for my Converse. One day I lived for this darling look one of my friends gave me that was just simple glance but was cute; it was cute like dandelions and rainbows cute, made me cry. One day I lived for getting to bed early and having a lot of much needed rest. I know I am just a kid and do not really know what it means to need rest, but I was wiped out and God blessed me with a good night’s sleep. One day I lived for stargazing with a princess. One day I lived for a glorious poem that turned into a song. One day I lived for ten home runs in a game of kickball. One day I lived for seeing a butterfly land on my face as I was walking home. One day I lived for fireflies on a river. One day I lived for the exposure of Save Ferris. One day I lived for an awesome night with an awesome friend who is just gorgeous.


You get the picture. I would hope. I need to sit back sometimes and just calm down. Be still and quiet and feel the universe around me. God created a massive playhouse for us and I tear up a lot of times just by looking out my window. Trees, dirt, rocks, grass, weeds, clouds, sky, lightning, snow, rain, hail, rabbits, cats, dogs, sunlight, sunset, sunrise, stars, constellations, roads, cars, houses, skyscrapers… To name a few of the awesome things God created. It is really hard sometimes to see the wonders of God’s glorious creation in a city. I will admit I felt closer to God in the mountains than in my own bedroom with my bible, but no matter where I am I fall to my knees in awe of a creator that loves me so much that he sent his one and only innocent son to die on a cross and lose all his blood for me. His unending love is the only thing that ever gets me through anything ever.


Be safe: You are in my heart always:


2 thoughts on “Simple: Meaningful:

  1. Your posts always have so many ideas and things to comment on, that I would get lost trying to reply to them all… So forgive me if I only reply to one or two things per blog post haha.
    Princess Bride is one of the best movies ever! But, my all time favorite is “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” I bet that living for something, anything at all, each day must be like an adventure. Every day is different, and the variety would make things always fun.

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