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Oh, to enter the vast and endless void of sleep! I adore the realm of the unconscious. I find my inner being, my utmost attention, drawn to a point of insanity whilst I drift away. There are so many statistics about sleep. I’m not going to state one. Statistics tend to be way too cliché when one is writing. Some of them do turn out to be wonderful and highly satisfactory. For example, studies have shown that the average human falls asleep in under seven minutes; the average human takes half an hour to become fully unconscious and, I guess, ‘fully’ asleep. Seven minutes to sleep, thirty to really sleep I guess… That stat always confused me. Most places I’ve looked debate in between the seven and the thirty minute theorems. I could care less. As long as I am able to sleep and have the full allowance to do so for extended period of time, I am far from the world of caring.



It is my dreams that I really want to delve into. Getting to sleep is easy, dreaming… Not so much. Try and recall details of every dream you had last night. You can’t do it, can you? It is impossible. You can train yourself to react to dreams and remember things, but that can take years. Who really has that time? I know I don’t. I just let myself go and I fantasize about the most curious of things. I enjoy the dreams that involve time and royalty and adventure. Since I was young I’ve always enjoyed books about fantasy and science fiction. My favorite categories rolled into one in a single dream. For example, The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis are the most fantastic books I have ever read, and I have had them since I was in kindergarten. The magic of all fantasies draws me in. Unicorns, fawns, centaurs, minotaurs, dragons, dryads, nymphs, mermaids, pegasus, and even just regular animals like lions and foxes, drive me crazy. When I dream, I enter a world that is unlike our own. Sure, they say that you draw off of your real-world experiences to create a dream world, but I really don’t care, it is far beyond what I can create when I am awake. Traveling with the Doctor, flying with Peter Pan, running with Aslan, saving princesses with Arthur and his knights, saving dragons with Eragon, and embracing immortality with Dorian Gray, are just a few adventures that may fill up one of my dreams.

I do love the dreams that take place in my life right now. The ones that involve me getting a date with that beautiful girl down the road, winning trophies and ribbons in sports, and passing all my classes, are the dreams that tend to flip my upside-down. See, my otherworldly fantasies are just that, out of this world, but when I dream of something that could actually happen, and of things that make my hearts burst with joy, I let out a smile so huge and magnificent upon waking that none can truly know.



“A dream is a wish your heart makes.”



I think that that is ultimately true, especially involving the dreams I have about love. I want that perfect, classic, fairy tale love story. I know perfect is never going to happen, but it’ll be perfect to me. And really, when it is my dreams that are being fulfilled, my opinion is the only one that truly matters. If I believe it to be perfect, then there is none who can prove me otherwise. Imagine Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day, at the very end of the movie where it is his ‘last day’ and everything is perfect, combined with Sleeping Beauty, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Ladyhawke, Scott Pilgrim VS The World, and Princess Bride all into one to form my perfect Fairy Tale. That is the wish my hearts make. To have something that lasts and something that is true and strong and beautiful. My dreams pull me into that and allow such magical things to happen.

I question whether I dream too much as well. I question if I think too much, if I imagine too much, or if I want that happily ever after too badly. I try to handle things in the way the real world does, and just let it be. If it happens, then it happens. I still can’t grasp the reality of things. I chase the wonderful thing called love far and wide to places unknown and through crazy things so immense and numerous to recall. A fantastic and loverly friend of mine said that “you can’t choose who you fall in love with, it just happens, so you should just go with it. Don’t try to pick who you fall in love with, just become friends with a girl, get to know her, and let things take their natural course. If God really wants you to fall in love with this person, or marry this person, he’ll make it pretty dang obvious.” My fairy tale love story… Is just around the corner. The journey is just ten miles, five years, a hop, a skip, and a jump, and a spoonful of sugar. You’ll make it there alright. Embrace the little things that fall through your space as you go forth into the vast outwardness of the universe full of so many people and so many opportunities to love. Don’t be afraid to fail, and don’t be afraid to succeed. I’m not perfect, I know I never will be, but I do try to make my life bearable, even if it means following unbelievable things and the occasional fairy tale. My Fairy Tale is soon to come, as is yours, don’t lose track of the storyline, and don’t ever forget who the writer really is, he’s also the writer of everyone else’s story since before time began. He won’t lose track of you, and he won’t let your happily ever after fall.



Closing quote: “God made us: We messed up: God still loves us:”


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