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Redemption is a beautiful concept. It is what I long for. By nature, I truly am an evil person. My sin makes me this way. I chose evil before I was even born. I could go around confessing my sins to everyone and getting their input, but I’m not comfortable with that. I find forgiveness and redemption in the arms of God. I’m will not be saying that I have not told my sins to some people. There are certain people I trust and who can help me and I go to them. I talk to God first, but I go to a compassionate friend in due time. God’s love and forgiveness is all I want right now in life. I can’t find anything to comfort me, anything to give me satisfaction, or anything that lasts. I do find that there are some things that do last, but they fade. God is the only person who’s come into my life and never left and never let me down. His unending love gives me hope.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that God is no one, God is not real, and that God is just a crutch. I am going to quote Ken Wood here:

“God isn’t a crutch, he’s my stretcher. I can’t go on without Him; he’s like flight for life”










I’ve recognized why I need God, that’s my sin and my evil, but now I’m truly WANTING God right now. God created me to be with him and I have not truly recognized that until recently. My sin, ultimately, that’s all there is, I can’t put it any simpler, my sin is what has separated me from God. I can’t make up for my sin, trust me, I’ve tried. No amount of good deeds or good grades or good friends is going to make up for all the evil I have ever done. There is no end to God’s love! He wants me so much that He sent his own son, Jesus, to die on a cross and shed every drop of blood in his body so that I could go to Heaven with God. That’s how one truly gets to God and to Heaven. Admit you are a sinner: I have done this so many times. I’m disgusted by how evil I am. God offers me eternal forgiveness. A person must believe that Jesus died on the cross… He didn’t just die, Jesus was slaughtered. A lot of people don’t really know that. The guards who were punishing Jesus were relentless. They whipped him, the beat him, they ripped of his flesh, and on top of that, tore out every bit of hair on his body with their bare hands. The Bible says that Jesus wasn’t even recognizable as human when they were done torturing him.

I am so evil and so undeserving of anything, let alone eternal life. God looked beyond that. He sent his son to die so that I could have forgiveness. I have admitted I am a sinner. I have fallen short of the glory of God. Nothing that I could ever do would ever have gotten me to God. Through God’s forgiveness and mercy and grace, he gave me a way out: A way to redemption.

I am confessing this to you now. In short, I believe John 3:16 can sum up most of what I truly have to say:

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”

I do not know who you are, who is reading this, or who might in the future, but I want you to know this true and undeniable truth. There is a God who loves you who wants you far more than you could ever possibly imagine.

I can’t fathom the complexity and love of God. I have tried playing God and failed. He’s so merciful and kind but also jealous and full of wrath.

“He’ll break open the skies just to save those who cry out his name. The one the winds and the waves obey is strong enough to save you.”

Whatever you’re going through there is someone who understands. It is not me. Trust me, I have tried being everything for everyone and failed dramatically. God knows all you are going through and truly understands you.

Those of you who have read this far, I thank you. Not only do I thank you, but I thank God. I thank God for allowing me to have such an amazing communication tool so that I can spread his word and his awesome name all across the cosmos. Through man I have found nothing. Through God I have found it all. God gives me everything I ever need every day. I have found redemption, the one beautiful thing, through God and his son, Jesus. I want to cry right now. There is so much I want to tell you and so much I am going through. I am listening to some Hillsong at the moment, writing out while praising God. There is a well inside of me that is overflowing and I find warmth and peace and love and protection. God is moving through me. God has so much he wants me to do. Don’t count yourself out; He has stuff for you to do to. Why don’t you ask him? God always wants to talk to you. That is how I got set on the path for full-time ministry, by talking to God. Not only should you talk to God, but also listen. I opened myself up, I was broken and convicted, and from my pile of pieces he built me back up and told me what he wanted me to do. He is the Lord over everything. If I was not telling you this stuff, God says that rocks would. Yeah, you got that right, ROCKS. If man does not go out and tell of God’s awesome power and amazing grace, God says the rocks and trees will start to cry out and tell the world. God reveals his majesty in nature. Proof? You want proof? Well, okay, here you go: Tomorrow morning, get up early and watch the sunrise. There is no way you can watch such fantastic and beautiful sunrise and say there is no God or that he does not talk to us in more ways than we can possibly imagine. If you want proof of all of this, call out God’s name. He is always there and willing to show himself to you, though it might not be in the way you expect. He is God after all, you know, the one who created everything that ever was, is, or will be and has ultimate dominion over it all?

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