Got: A: Beard:

I’m taking this short time to reflect on November 11th. The date holds many good and bad things for me and I felt led to share some of those with you. However, I would like to share today’s adventures first.

I woke up today, as one does on most school days, not wanting to do anything, let alone go to school. By the grace of God I got up and cleaned myself and drove to school. My literature class held its fancies, I wrote an essay, peer critiqued someone else’s essay, and browsed FunnyJunk and 9Gag the rest of the hour. Uneventful, but with some humor here and there. My ‘most exciting’ part of the day (because it wasn’t the greatest ever, but for today it was) was when I downloaded the complete discography of the band The Devil Wears Prada. They are a fantastic band. I know many people despise screamo and don’t want it around and don’t know what it’s saying, but the band and their songs give out a great testimony. 1960s hardcore baptist type people would look down on this kind of music, but I refuse to. They [the band] can reach a whole new crowd of people for Jesus than say, barbershop quartets, or rap, or country artists. No offense to any ‘genre’, it’s just that each person, each song, can reach out to an entirely different audience than others. We all work together for the glory of God, remember that. I struggle remembering, and enacting, that, but I still want to pass that on to you. I actually considered sending some of the albums to Princess Lightning, because I know she likes them, but she hasn’t spoken to me in such a long time that I doubt she cares.

There is this awesome kid who I sit with at lunch who I am determined to make famous.This is how: I take a picture of him every single day and send it to Facebook. So far I have about 10 photos. I usually do it secretly so he won’t notice, but lately he’s said he’ll start charging for each picture. I laughed at this, because he would charge me and think nothing of it. He’s so chill and laid back, I love it. I don’t know why I chose him particularly to make famous, he just seemed like the best candidate. He’s quiet and always smiling and a very kind guy. I always catch him when he has food, so most of the photos have him and a lunchtray, which makes it awesome.

Just when I thought my math teacher was a cruel and unusual person who doesn’t care about anything except math, she goes and has a popcorn day today. Almost everyone in our class brought popcorn. One kid brought a popcorn cooker and dropped kernels in and let it go. It was an awesome math day. Taking a test while eating popcorn is one of my many awesome adventures this week. Even better, the test was easy. Yes, an easy math test, one of the many myths and legends in today’s world. I could have cried of awesome; tears of joy running down my face. Today was a dull, lovely, and fantastic day. I believe only a staring contest with mrs robinson could have made it better. mrs robinson is awesome. You already know about mrs robinson, of course, so you see the amazing-ness of it.

Now, to the events of tomorrow: November 11th, 2011: Veterans’ Days. I am very thankful, and very proud to the men and women who have fought and served in the United States Military and fought to protect this great and wonderful land. I myself am more of a pacifist and a little anti-war, but I see now that war is sometimes necessary. I doubt we would be where we are now without some bloodshed and travesty. I’m reminded of that song “War” from Gulliver’s Travels. I know it has been in other movies, but I haven’t seen those movies and Gulliver’s Travels is the only movie I’ve seen it in.

“What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.”

I don’t care what you think, war is in its time necessary, regardless of circumstances. The only thing I do not like about tomorrow is that I have to get up very early to put out flags. I do this fundraiser for sports where on certain day I have to get up early and put out American flags at certain houses. It’s not just early, it’s unnaturally early. I have to get up an hour or so before sunrise, which is next to impossible for a teenager like me at such a young age. So I have to get up early, put out at least 20 flags, and then I have work as well. See, I have to babysit tonight for a few hours. Getting home late, thus getting to sleep later, and having to get up super early, and then go to work without chance of sleep until maybe Saturday is devastating. I hate the few teens at my high school who can live without sleep and enjoy it. I LOATHE THEM. The teen condition can be perfectly illustrated thus:

This seems to be why nerds get so much out of school and enjoy it so much and have such good grades: They have no social life. Not even to be mean, it’s just how it is. I’d love to pass school and have enough sleep, but I refuse to desert my friends. Especially after what mrs robinson told me… Jeez, life sucks sometimes and I just don’t want to deal with it anymore. That’s when God lifts me back up again, sets me on the right path once again, and fills me up with his love. My life could be a lot simpler, but it isn’t right now, and I have got the creator of the worlds to help me.

November 11th also happens to be a very magical day. On 11/11/11 at 11:11:11 I will be making a wish. I will be making the most epic wish of all time. I have a dream for a beautiful young maiden and our glorious future together. I can only hope that she feels the same. Wishes are weird little things that I’ve never held onto very tightly, but I still do it. It’s a cutesy little thing. Like chewing on your pencil, you know it’s useless and childish and not going to solve anything, but you continue to do it; it isn’t a bad thing, it’s just there and I think about it.

Today I lived for eating the rest of my candy my mom bought from a candy shop downtown. Now, finally, I am fantastic, I have a PhD, I know I can dominate the world, and I have the ability to time travel. Also, she’s really perty, so here’s a picture of Zooey Deschanel:


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