Slinking: Downward:

I am not feeling like the most motivated person in the known universe at the moment. It’s late at night, I still have plenty of homework to do, and I haven’t done it. I couldn’t help but fall in love again. Not really, it’s the same person it’s been for so many years. I was never able to get her out of my mind, let alone my heart. My hearts still beat like a jackrabbit every time she’s near.

Now, to waste time and avoid going to bed, I have begun correcting the grammar of many people on Facebook. Seriously, these people need a dictionary. I love it.


2 thoughts on “Slinking: Downward:

  1. I’ve always wanted to correct random people! haha Add someone and never talk to them, and then a month or two after they’ve forgotten about you, comment correcting grammar.

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