Video Superhero:

I wish I had a video camera. I really do. I see my friends posting videos on the internet all the time and I just wish I could do the same. I’ve proved my acting, directing, writing, and producing skills a million times over. It’s not like I can’t do this kind of stuff, I just don’t have the tools. I don’t make enough at my weekend job to afford a camera right now. I’d like a full time job, but I can’t with school. I’m already struggling in school, I’d fail in epic proportions with a full time job. The weekend job allows me to have enough funds for gas and the occasional fast food meal; I have mom and dad to help me with the rest of my “needs.”

It’s a good life, really. That camera is just one of my things to look forward to in the future. My very own personal video camera that does everything. I want to document my everyday stuff. Not just video either; a picture camera would be nice as well. When I use my phone (the only camera I have) my pictures are good but low quality. I dual picture/video camera would be my ideal Christmas present. If someone loves me that much…

Now, where were we?  I’ll start here: It has been 10 days since Cinderella went back home. I’m missing her terribly. We hung out 4 days straight when she was here, I miss that, even if she is ten years younger than me. Seriously, I had more fun with this little girl just playing tag than I’ve had with a lot of people, even my girlfriend. There are some people who come into your life and just dramatically change it. You ever see on those Hollywood movies how one person steps into the scene and everything changes? It’s like that. My life is so different now that Cinderella has stepped into it. For one, I have a sister. That’s just awesome. Two, I have a new friend, one of my best friends. Finally, I have someone to protect.

That last one may sound a little different, someone to protect, but I’ll tell you something about me: I’m never comfortable unless I have someone by my side to keep safe. I think it’s just one of those things dug deep into my psyche. I want to be the hero, the Superman, the knight shining armor, the protector… Of all things, the weak and inept boy wants to be the hero, imagine that.


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