Disgusting Lips

It may be because of my faith and trust in God, but I’ve always found girls who swear to be ugly. They may be very beautiful, but when they pop out so many words I just find them unattractive . Avril Lavigne, for example, is one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen, but when I see her cussing in some of her music videos, it’s just ugly. I can’t stand filthy language and I always yell at people when they use it. Although I have been called hypocritical, considering I use the words “hell” and “damn”, but I don’t just throw them around all the time like people do. I just use them as words. If anyone can tell me why modern humans find the incessant need to swear every other word, I’d appreciate it. Or if you find something wrong with my “philosophy”, share that as well.


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