A Lost Piece Of Your Hair

Cinderella has been gone for a month:

I miss her very much. There’s been so much cool stuff we could have done this past month. I probably would have avoided a tragedy as well if she were here. I made it to the top and then I fell to the bottom and even farther down. I have a long road to go now. I abused my power for my own ends. I didn’t want this to happen, I didn’t intend for this to happen, but I still let it happen. I still did it, still allowed to go on.

I really am a confused young man. What I do is not necessarily what everyone else does; I see that now. I can’t change what happened. The past is past. Remember how I told you I have never had any regrets ever? Well… This might be different.

What am I to you? Am I a joke, your knight, or your brother?”



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