There Will Be A Day

You asked me, so I’m telling you. I want her to have light blonde hair. If her hair was up in pigtails it’d be absolutely amazing. She’ll have a fire in her heart for Jesus, just like me. She will be a little random and very adventurous. I want her to be educated, but not pompous. She will be a kind, brave, and true spirit.

If I had a daughter, I’d like her to have all of these qualities. Of course I know she’ll be her very own person and I will still love her with all my heart, but it’s nice to think of little details. Having a daughter will be so much further in the future, but I like to fantasize about it. The idea of having a family of my own intrigues me.

I imagine her being a combination of Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. I can’t wait for our adventures together and as a family.


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