A Breath Is Satisfactory:

It’s a beautiful letdown:

Life has been good. I’m happy and content where I am. In a word, I can say that I am joyful. Joyful in who I am. Joyful in who saved. Joyful for my friends. Joyful for love. Joyful for time. I’m just joyful that I’m alive.

I’m on a new path, a better path in fact. There’s so many new people I’ve met and so many new things to do. I think if I took the time to write it all down we’d be here forever.

My drawings have increased in the last week as well. Save Ferris has become a good 30-40 pages thicker than it was. I find myself doodling on odd bits of paper here and there and I throw them together. I want to get a copy machine someday. Something to make all my drawings available on my computer for upload onto social media and the works. It would be lovely.

Charlie says she can’t wait to see it. It’s my 500-page memoir that is ever expanding, almost as much as this blog, but I draw little sketches more than I write. You can see many of my homework assignments littered with drawings. I put my old homework into Save Ferris. Sure it has a few geometry formulas and literature definitions around it, but I think it adds to the art. It makes it beautiful.

What really bugs me is when people try saying what’s art and what isn’t. Graffiti is art. Vandalism is art. Crayon is art. Paint is art. A giant black square selling for $500 is art. What you make, what you do, what you are, every little bit of it, is art.

Judge not lest ye be judged:


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