Some Explanation Necessary:

I don’t write a lot about what God is doing in my life, and I think I’m going to start leaning towards that. Yes, I do have many adventures, but it’s all thanks to God.

First off, I think it is now necessary to explain the title of all this, A Memoir on my Madness. I’m really just crazy about Jesus and I want to share him with the world but really, this entire thing really is a Memoir. I am writing down everything for future reference and for all to know who I am and what I stood for when I’m long dead. It’s almost like a book, although Save Ferris is probably the closest I’ll ever come to writing an actual book. I have always been quite the Anglophile, much so to the point that my friends call me the Doctor. (A reference to the greatest, and longest lasting, British show, Doctor Who) It is thusly that I have inserted the word Madness. My life is crazy. I think we can all agree that life is pretty crazy. This entire “blog” is me making a record of how it went on and what I’ve done through it all.

It is a Memoir On My Madness.

I was blessed with this awesome deal through a printing company. I will be getting a large number of business cards sent to me in the next week or so. It simply says my name and a few bits of information, such as this site address. I wanted to be clever, and a little original, so in designing the business cards I went a little biblical. My name was at the top and under it I put “Servant Of The Lord.” I was going to put God’s Assistant at first, but then I really got to thinking. I don’t really assist in anything. God does all of it himself. I’m just humbled that he allows me to take part in it. I am just a lowly servant, who is so full of joy and gratitude for his Savior. Below all the  information I put a little tagline, something positive to make people smile a little. It says Fight The Good Fight! It refers to a passage in 1 Timothy. I want to remind people to keep fighting that good fight and to not give up. God is behind you every step of the way. When you fall, he carries you. He loves you immensely. I am just so honored that he allows  me to preach his word, to preach his name, to the world, in any way I can. It’s amazing! On the side I put a small verse, Revelation 22:21 May the grace of Jesus Christ be with you all, amen. It’s another positive message that I’m giving to people. Fight the good fight and may the grace of Jesus Christ be with you. I know I certainly need, and I know you’ll need it too.

God has given me a new ministry recently. One, it’s with these awesome guys I get to hang out at church with, and two, with some school kids in theatre. I’ve known these guys at church for years. I went to a winter retreat with them in the mountains a few weeks ago and grew closer to them as friends. Pursuing God with some fine gentlemen was a privilege. As was the prank pulled in the middle of the night, but that’s another story. I get to pour into them as God pours into me. They are good Christ following men, but like me, they are weak. We’re working to lift each other up and allow God to fill us up and show us the way. I also have the chance at school to love some theatre kids. I work in theatre in class and after school. They don’t like to hear the name of Christ. One I have been blessed in bringing to church the past few months and developing a personal relationship with to the point of verbally explaining Jesus, but the others don’t want to listen. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Well that’s just your opinion.” I get that quite a lot. In ministering to these people, these friends of mine, I don’t have to use words a lot. As Jesus did, I can love them well, and serve them as best I can. I say that it’s time we stop hiding our faith and start showing it. Show it in words, in actions, in faith, and in any way God is leading you to. Don’t be afraid to stand  out, that’s how the lost get found.

I’ve come to the point of overcoming my struggles with internet. I have posted before that I have hard times when I’m connect to the web, but God has blessed me in a weird and unexpected way. Here it is: See, every time I am on the internet and I feel tempted to go searching for things I ought not to (I think you can imagine what) I go to Google and look up a nice little episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Now wait a second before leaving the page. Yes, this is a kid’s show, and yes, it may be geared more towards little girls, but it has really helped. For one, it keeps me away from sin. Secondly, each episode has some sort of moral lesson in it. Like ask don’t take, trust your friends, don’t judge a book by its cover, etc. It’s like all younger kids’ shows, but it is helping me abolish all attachment I even might have had to the sin I do on the internet. I don’t care what you think, but I feel that as long as I am staying away from sin, it’s good. Ponies are innocent. Watching an episode with my baby sister helps keep me away from wrong and looking more towards the good.

But should you still think it weird, perhaps “odd”, here’s a picture of Chuck Norris:


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