A Few Good Men:

This is simple, and meaningful, and I hope you would help as much as you can. An old friend of mine were in the parking lot of a store last night. Driving there our original intention was to get some food and have dinner, maybe have a little fun. As I usually do on Wednesdays, I had my Bible with me. Our youth group wasn’t doing anything, and I had forgotten, so I had it with me. I started reading out loud from a chapter in Ecclesiastes. For everything there is a season. As we drove, my friend spoke up. Yes, having a short 5-minute Bible study was nice, but he had something better in mind. He said,

“Why don’t we witness to people at Wal-Mart?”

It took me back. Of course as the man of God I am and am becoming it should have been just normal practice, but it isn’t. I suddenly became very excited. It was different. Urban ministry is great, sharing God with people on the street. We had done this a while back at Dare 2 Share, but I haven’t done much of it since. I mean, not as direct as we did.

I walked with him around the parking lot, Bible in hand, sharing with people God lay on our hearts. We helped a few people with their groceries and showed the love of Jesus. Notably, there were two young men we spoke to. Both of the men were employees of Wal-Mart. First, was a man named Nicholas. He was pushing carts around the parking lot, collecting them for customers and the like. We told him how we were sharing our faith with people and witnessing about God. I told him about how God created us to be with him, our sins separate us from God, how sins cannot be repayed by good deeds, that Jesus payed the price for sin by dying on the cross, everyone who puts their trust in Jesus can have eternal life, and that life with Jesus starts now and lasts forever. I gave him my card. He took it very positively and had a smile the entire time. If Nicholas ever crosses your mind, pray for him. There was a seed planted in him and I pray that it would grow and that God would keep sending people his way and keep working in him to develop a relationship. Pray for Nicholas.

The second was a man by the name of Shaun, another employee. He was a nice man, cool glasses, and a little ginger hair. We walked up to him and told him our church and what we were doing. Shaun said he wasn’t religious. I thought it interesting, because I’m not religious either. I told him, as I will continue telling people, that it’s not about religion, it’s about that relationship with Jesus Christ. His tone of voice showed that he really didn’t want us to be around anymore. He said he’d been to a missionary school and that he knew all about that. He was there for education, and it seemed like that’s all he was there for. We walked away and he stepped back inside Wal-Mart. Shaun is one of God’s creations, and he is loved. I pray that what we said would be taken to heart by Shaun and that God would keep working in him.

It was amazing to witness to God’s people so openly as we did. The recurring thought kept coming to mind that we might get arrested or something similar. But I don’t care. We could have shared God with the people in jail too. When we are persecuted, we ought to love, and love well, the persecutors. God called us to do so. God is so good and so kind and so beautiful, and I am blessed that he allows us to do all these amazing things and take part in his glorious plan. I’m not perfect, but I’m trying, and I’m humbled that God lets me do his work.

It’s been a glorious time:


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