Yup, that’s me.

Doctor Who has definitely been one of the greatest inspirations growing up.


I could never wait to see the next episode, to be in the next adventure, to experience the danger and suspense. I was scared. I laughed. I cried. I jumped for joy. The Doctor is fantastic. So much to the point that one year at a summer camp  I talked about Doctor Who so much, all my mates started calling me The Doctor. It was fantastic! I’ve loved every moment of it, ever since I started watching. I was 10 at the time. The whole magic of it all has fascinated me ever since.

I’ve mostly watched the new series, so I’m not the best of Whovians, but I have seen a few of the old episodes enough to know I love it a lot. The Doctor, the companions, the TARDIS, and everything little thing in between. I see this fictional character portrayed by so many great actors and I aspire to be like The Doctor so much. To help people and be looked up to and to be a great leader. I don’t know how to explain it so much, but I do want to be the hero everyone runs to. I always have. But I look to God first as my true hero, and let that shine through me. The Doctor can only do so much, but my God created the universe and breathed it all into existence.

Keep being fantastic, my friend. There’s so much good and greatness in this world, just start looking for it.


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