6 Confessions

Confession Number One:

I don’t like wearing matching colors. Or matching patterns. Or anything that matches, really. Sure, I know how to make myself look pretty sweet, but I’d rather have plaid pants and a striped sweater with galoshes over blue jeans and a blue shirt with blue shoes. It’s so boring to match.

Confession Number Two:

If my socks are dirty, I turn them inside out. Only my socks, don’t worry. I never have time to clean socks. Turn them inside out, a little Febreze, and no one can ever tell the difference. I can’t either, really. Although I really do like wearing clean socks. Having to use the same pair of socks a few times bugs me. I do like to be clean, mind you.

Confession Number Three:

I used to think blogging/journaling was uber stupid. Now I can’t stop doing it. It relieves stress. Just typing out all my worries and ideas and whatever may be on my mind. My site stats on any of them aren’t super high, but I don’t mind so much. But it would be nice to get up there with the big league bloggers.

Confession Number Four:

I’ve never answered the door for Mormons or Jehovah Witnesses. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s that I’m never around when they come to the house. I’ve always been very interested in talking with them, but I’m never home when they come to the door. The rest of my family has their stories about them, but I’ve only ever been home when vacuum salesmen come around. Nothing more.

Confession Number Five:

I feel so small when I think about the infinite size of the universe. So small and insignificant. But I’d guess everyone would get that way when they consider the vastness of it all. Sometimes if I stand real still and focus, I can feel the Earth move. It’s creepy. I feel worthless. I don’t feel special. It’s weird, I can’t explain it well.

Confession Number Six:

I want to start my own church. I’ve been considering it the last few days. I’d call it God First. Whatever God blesses me with, I’ll be thankful for. Whether it’s a small donut shop sized place or a huge mega warehouse place, God is first. I Am Second. I put God First. It makes sense to me. I’ve been talking to God about it and I really like the name. God First. Simple church proclaiming the powerful gospel. But wherever God leads me, I’ll be grateful and thank God everyday for it.


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