Is Hot

It’s scorching and burning. Record highs. I’m white as snow and all I want to do is go outside. I’ll come back as red as blood. I don’t do sun. I don’t do outrageous temperatures. I sit inside and do fun stuff on the internet. Or read. Reading tends to be less dangerous than a sunburn. My sunburns take forever to heal and they always look funny.

I’m really dehydrated as well. I’ll drink and drink and drink, but it’s still not enough. I feel sick. Like I’m going to pass out from heat exhaustion or something. Who knows? I’ve always been odd with my body. Not adapting well to the environment. In winter I wear all my clothes and extra layers because I get so cold. I don’t have a lot, but I wear it. And in summer, I never know what to wear because the weather changes so much. It’s super hot. Then mildly cool. Then raining. Then abnormally hot again. Weather needs to get its act together.

So far God has blessed me with not dying, so I count that as a blessing. I could’ve died of heat related incidents so many times, but I’ve been cool enough to not die. I count that as a very big blessing.

Also, pray for the fires in Colorado. I don’t know all the details in the world, but I know it’s bad.


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