Where Most Emotional Problems Began:

I’ve never seen this movie (I never plan to) but I already hate it.

Let me tell you a story. Let’s set our time machines back 3 years ago exactly. There he was, lockofsparrows, living a happy life with a happy girlfriend. Nothing seemed wrong. Everything went… Swimmingly. He talked to her every night. Went on frequent dates. Enjoyed church together. A very lovely relationship.

Here’s where the fire nation attacked:

They had been dating 4 months. No problems. No fights. No nothing, really. They were happy.

She loved movies. When she wasn’t with him, she was finding new movies to watch. Whether it be at the theatre or from the video store or wherever, she watched at least one movie everyday. He was even lucky enough to accompany her on some of these escapades.

One particular movie was the one show in the poster. One I’d rather not repeat mentioning. Of course, she watched it. She called him up, as she did, everyday, since they had been dating. They talked and talked and talked about life and each other and whatever was to be said. She told him about the movie she had finished watching with some friends. A rather interesting movie at that. He was intrigued, but then again, she was his girlfriend, everything she said enticed him.

He thought nothing of it. Just an average conversation that could be had between anyone. He was happy. Why would he need to worry?

In his district, lockofsparrows started school shortly after. It was his first day in high school. He was so scared. Only a few of his friends were going to this school now. Most from previous years had moved or had been put in homeschool. A few friendly faces here and there, but not the greatest day in the world. No one to talk to. No one to be around. Scary new place. Frightening subjects and even more so of the teachers. Walked a mile and a half for his bus stop that morning. Didn’t have time for breakfast. Had no money for lunch. Tired and hungry all day. Not enough paper and broken pencils. Laptop breaking down the first day. You see, lockofsparrows was not having the greatest day in any way.

After waiting nearly an hour after school for the bus to come, and walking the whole mile and a half back home, (ironically uphill for most of it) he decided to call up his girlfriend. She usually cheered him up. It was a rather inconvenient case at hand now. She picked up the phone.


“Hey, friend! How are you? I just finished my first day of high school.”

“Why are you talking to me?”

He was concerned, to say the least.

“I call you everyday,” he replied, without knowing anything of what had transpired several hours earlier.

“You haven’t checked your email, have you?”

Of course, he was only a freshman. Email meant nothing to him. Just the once a month deleting of messages.

She ended the phone conversation and he got the chance to check online just what she was talking about. His poor little heart wasn’t ready for it. His first girlfriend was breaking up with him over the web with a paragraph she had sent while he was at school. A girl he honestly thought he would marry. Even if he was just a freshman.

The funny thing was, 10 days prior, his pretty little girlfriend learned how to lose a guy in 10 days. No matter the circumstances.


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