Pray For Lost

I’m going to be gone this week at a summer camp. It’s going to be amazing. I am just so excited to be going again this here. It’s the same camp on the same day that God called me into ministry. On July 20th, 2011, God called me to be a pastor. The last year has been amazing for me. God has opened so many doors and given me so many opportunities and given me so much ministry training. Really, God has been preparing me for this my entire life. Training me to be comfortable in front of audiences, teaching me to speak fluently, how to develop a good speech that makes sense, how to coordinate my thoughts so I don’t have so many rabbit trails, and prayer. Prayer has been so big. I talk to God all the time, even when I don’t realize I’m doing it. I love talking to God! He’s my creator and saviour and I want to serve him.

What I’m looking forward to most at this camp is the worship. Everfound is going to be returning and I’m pumped. Nikita is one of my singing aspirations. I look at him and see a man who just wants to worship God. He’s genuine. And the whole family’s story and testimony is so cool. Getting out of Russia to escape religious persecution and starting a 4 brother family band in Colorado. I love it.

I want to become so tangled up in God. To fall hopelessly in love with him again. And again. And again. To love him so much and have such a deep desire for him and his work. That’s all I want, really. I pray for that.

Dear friends, while I’m gone, if you could pray for three things:

1. The safety of myself and my church at this camp.

2. Building bonds between brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray that we would connect with each other on another level.

3. Pray for revival. That me and all these kids would fall so desperately in love with Jesus over and over. And that it would keep happening. That we would pursue Jesus in our everyday lives.

My heart breaks for some friends of mine recently. None of them know Jesus in a saving relationship. They don’t have the everlasting security in him that I do. I pray for them everyday. I’m going to encourage my friends to pray with me this week as well. And for me to pray for their friends and needs.

Readers, if you would do the same. Pray for my friend Lizzy. I love her so very much, but I want her to love Jesus so much more. I pray that she would come to know Jesus in an eternal, soul-saving relationship. It is my desire that she comes to trust and love Jesus with her life.

I also have a friend named Jay. I try to reach out to him as much as I can, but he shuts down when people bring up the gospel. Pray that God would keep working in his life and that I may have a chance to share Jesus with him.

Pray that God would work in their hearts. As he does with us all. That they would cry out to him and accept Jesus into their hearts and have a home in heaven. That they would become deep and passionate disciples of Christ.

Prayer is so huge in my life because I know that God answers my prayers. And I pray he would answer yours as well. And for your friends who need to know Jesus. I believe in a God so vast and magnificent that he will work in the lives of all our friends and draw them closer to himself. I pray for that. I also pray for you; that you would be drawn closer to God and be able to do more work for him than you’d ever have imagined.


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