A New Road

I’ve been so full of joy this week. I started school and refused to not be joyful! Everyday I have been smiling and joyful and enjoying the days. I’m developing bonds and relationships with people and God is opening up so many doors for me. Pray for me, friends. I have a very busy schedule with school. I also am trying to reach out to people more. To build relationships that need to be built. There are friends of mine who don’t know Jesus or his name. I want to reach them with the love of Jesus as best as I can. Two friends, Charles and Benjamin, don’t know Jesus. Charles has been going to church for awhile now but is still struggling with the idea of Jesus and him being forgiving and trustworthy. Pray for Charles. Benjamin doesn’t honestly believe in anything metaphysically. I’ve tried reaching out to him, even invited him to a bible study I’m having, but nothing. I still talk to him and keep good relations with him but I don’t know how to show him Jesus’ love beyond living it. Which living out the love of Jesus is fantastic, but if I can share with him, then that’d be great as well. Pray for Benjamin.

I have a great opportunity to live like Jesus and to share his name at times given, but I need prayer and encouragement. Pray for me as I go to battle in my school and fight with spiritual forces. God is on my side. I also pray for you, friends, that God may use you in ways unexpected and supernatural; communicating his love to your soul to help you get through.

May Jesus bless you.


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