“The Hammer Fell.”

I desperately wish I could share more of this with you. I desperately wish many a thing upon this glorious earth. I believe I make every wish a desperate wish. How odd. It’s in my nature to become so fondly attached to one so beautiful and so kind. If it were to be any other way than this, I should not know how to carry myself about. The circumstances would therein be horrifying and at the very least leave me physically weak, if not ill. Time and time again it arises the thought that I must reflect upon this lifestyle and the gracious humans that have stepped forth within it. However, I find myself at a chasm deep, valley deep, an ocean deep loss of speech. An ocean deep loss of speech. An ocean deep loss of speech. How the waves blast down upon me, so repetitively, endlessly. Such nauseating extremes. This simple thought remains locked within one’s own mind, yet without the proper tools, without humbleness and graciousness, one shall at no time be able to draw forth such possessions from its confines. A sweet sincerity rings about in the air, along with the delightful scent of lilacs. How strange it would seem, how strange it would be for that matter, in the realm of the masculine sex, that their quarters reeks of lilacs. It’s quite lovely, if one is to be truly honest, just rather different in profound comparison.

She is radiant and shines beyond the luminescence of the precariously placed heavens with a brilliance and intelligence exceeding that of philosophers from before ancient times.


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