I Am In Need

When I love, I love completely. Everything I am goes into loving someone. When I hurt, I hurt completely. Everything I am falls apart. I generally hurt because of the ones I love. I give and give and give and I don’t receive anything in return. Obviously one does not love simply to be given anything, but when you’re absolutely drained of everything, it’s needed. I don’t understand why they don’t understand. I give it my all, why can’t you as well?

Complicated ideas and concepts can come easily to me. I can’t tell you how many times my father and I will be sitting down and watching a cartoon when I start to analyze every little detail and go into these large philosophical theories. Tom and Jerry has had many a day in which the laws of the universe and the simplicity of divine command fall into it. But then others have a hard time even grasping simple idea, such as a cartoon or related items. Just the other day I was going into this deep theological speech about the Gozer religion and demonology in Ghostbusters while my brother is still trying to hold on to the concept of giant marshmallows. It’s things of such nature that are irritating to me. When I try explaining though, whoever I’m talking to tends to become easily bored with me.

I’m not fascinating enough.


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