Do you ever feel angry? Do you ever question God? I’m sure we have all been in and through situations that are just awful. It may be because of something you did. It may be because of something another did. You may not even know! Things are going so well and all of a sudden a huge bump comes in the road and everything flys apart. What’s going on, God? Who’s to blame? Am I the one who’s confused? Perhaps my anger and sadness is unjustified? What’s the deal? I can’t answer those questions sadly. I can’t even answer them for myself. Tonight has become very odd for me and I’m not sure what to do. I don’t want excuses. I want answers. I want words. Give me something to work with because you’re killing me. Don’t bring me in and then shut me out. That’s not right. I want the same love I give you in return.

Lord, help me. Maybe someone else is reading through as I rant. Help them in their similar situations. My heart is sunk right now and I need guidance. I’m bitter. I’m lost and clueless. Help me. Help me. Help me.


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