I Am Not Worthy

A warmth

An essential discovery

This innate fantasy of inner desire

A hole in my being

The being of all humanity

This hole

So curiously shaped

So expertly crafted

To fit a single glorious answer

If life was ever a puzzle

The first and last piece

The initial beat

A pulse of perfection

Out of the womb

A disgusting infection

Could only be healed

By the one puzzle piece

One puzzle piece

Outlandish fantastic and overly absurd

Perfect and lovely in every single word

A cure

A completion

The inception of transcendence

In a filthy mocking world

The only pure

Our only hope

There is a hole

A beautiful

Yet horrible

Immense hole

Life as we observe

Control and absorb

Is nothing


Of a GOD shaped hole.

It can be filled

It can’t be replaced

Only one

Only one

Only one

The triune nature

To fill and believe and affect

Every aspect every lovely speck

In the hole in our lives

He wants to be in

He needs to be in

Every humans falls apart

Because of this sin

Open up a moment

Twist your mind

Little poppet

Let the presence

Gush through you

Drift through you

Flux through the insides

Until it has been filled



Without end.

This GOD so immense

So powerful and secure

Stands above it all

So huge

So immense

So vast and brilliant

This hole

This hole

Ever present in my life

Only GOD can fill it

One so powerful

So loving

So huge and universal

And I tried to replace him

That hole

The GOD sized hole

My greatest price

My pearl

I tried to replace…

With a simple little girl.


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