Pray To Lead

I’m praying around spiritual leadership. In many contexts.

The first is in my own life. God is my foundation. God is my desire. God is my infinity. I must align him as the spiritual leader of my life. Not just spiritually, but in everything. I cannot function properly without his guidance. My father must be the head of my life and I must keep him there. There’s no denying and abandoning him. He never did that to me. Jesus never tapped. John Piper said in his book Desiring God that each of us has an abyss that can only be filled with the infinity of God himself. I desire and long for God and only God. Himself. Not his gifts and creations and words but his whole company and companionship and fatherhood. God is my leader.

In my own life I also pray for his continual working and mechanizing within my soul. That he make me and mold me into a spiritual leader. That I may guide others closer to him by his word and his love. I can do nothing without God. I am become malleable that he may break me and shape me into the man I am to be. I remain open to him. He takes his hammer and chips away at me until I am ready. Sometimes it hurts. The pain is wiped away by the perfection he creates from it. God, by his almighty power, will work his way in my existence to bind me on this path and construct me into the leader he has me to be.

I pray for my church. That God puts his hand on the spiritual leadership there. God will teach and strengthen the men put in place already. They will lead the people towards the father by his word and by their actions. The lives they live become the greatest compass towards him. God pours himself upon them to continually uplift these men. Their ministry will have great impact for the kingdom.

I pray for my church and the men that will come. That God makes way for men to be our youth pastor and to be our childrens’ pastor. Doors will be opened and paths turned and they will come to the doors of this place by God’s will and power. They will be men that God has filled with himself again and given the gift of leadership. They will sail this ship to brighter seas that glorify God and uplift young kids and teens to do the same. Our hearts are open to whoever God has to fill these areas.

The holy spirit will guide all of us towards our benefit and the spiritual leadership I pray will come to be. Amen.

John 16:13 “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth…”


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