Mighty Man

Biblical men set an example for modern men of faith to follow. Not everything these men did was great, but the Bible leads us in the right direction and shows what is good and what is not. Samson was one such man that comes to mind. Samson was a Nazarite. He was set aside for the Lord and given specific instructions on how to live. Samson lived in COMPLETE SEPARATION from the world and practices of the day. This became a blessing and a curse to himself and others around him. Samson was a fighting force against the Philistines. He always fought against them and did some pretty crazy things. One event in his life he took pairs of foxes and tied their tails together, set them on fire, and let them loose in the wheat fields of the Philistines. Outrageous, right? Samson did not always stick to his vows in being a Nazarite and found himself in trouble when he did. He fell in and out of love twice which then led to his eyes being gouged out and his massive strength being taken from him by God. Samson’s final act before he died was killing 3000 Philistines as they all partied and went nuts with Pagan gods. The example I see when looking at Samson is that as men, we all fail and fall short and are not good enough. Christians have been set apart for the Lord as well in a different manner, and yet we still follow every sin we can think of. The wisdom I take from this is to follow after God and do as he says in any possible. We’re all bound to fail, we’re human, but get back up and keep running the race.


I’m sorry. I forgive you. I’m moving on.


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